Why Color Matters

Sure we’ve been taught to be “colorblind” but what does that really mean? Will it bring us to the promised land of racial harmony and equality? Has it been effective in combatting white supremacy? Is it possible to address a problem like race by refusing to see it?


This introductory workshop takes a critical look at colorblindness and raises the possibility of an anti-racist color consciousness as a more effective path to racial justice. Led by a multiracial team of racial justice activists serving as facilitators, the workshop features presentation, interactive dialogue, and online resources for additional study.



  • Colorblindness as a racial ideology
  • How colorblindness compares to white supremacy
  • How colorblindness compares to color consciousness
  • Origin and history of colorblindness
  • Problems and ramifications of colorblindness
  • Origin and history of color consciousness
  • Effectiveness of color consciousness as pathway to racial justice
  • Practical applications of color consciousness

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