Why Color Matters

We’ve been taught to be “colorblind.” What does that really mean? Will it bring us racial harmony and equality? Is it effective in combatting white supremacy? Can we address race by refusing to see it? We will look at colorblindness and raise the possibility of an anti-racist color consciousness as a more effective path to racial justice.

From Colorblindness to Color Consciousness

This introductory workshop takes a critical look at colorblindness and explores anti-racist color consciousness as a more effective path to racial justice.

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Most Americans have been raised to believe being colorblind is the best way to achieve racial justice. In reality colorblindness was developed to help keep white supremacy in place. Yet because the ideology of colorblindness is so entrenched in our society as the correct approach to racism, those who name and discuss race are accused of being racist and divisive.

Why Color Matters exposes the racist roots of colorblindness and educates about the problems of this ideology. Participants learn principles of color consciousness and practice applying them in realistic scenarios. 

Workshop Topics

  • Colorblindness as a racial ideology
  • Origin and history of colorblindness
  • How colorblindness compares to white supremacy
  • How colorblindness compares to color consciousness
  • How colorblindness upholds systemic racism
  • What Dr. King really said about the content of our character
  • Children and colorblindness
  • Origin and history of color consciousness
  • Effectiveness of color consciousness as pathway to racial justice
  • Practical applications of color consciousness

What people are saying…

A+++. The first session offered scaffolding to better organize my understanding of anti-racism. Before, I was semi-aware of bits and pieces, but had no effective organization of those ideas. Now, I can communicate this critical information to others more effectively.

Alexis R.

Fantastic workshop! Warm, compassionate trainers with decades of combined experience made the virtual room safe for all. The innovative use of online video conference technology enabled small breakout groups with time for everyone to be heard. Learnings about color consciousness were pragmatic; could be applied immediately.

Minton Brooks

Thank you. I learned a lot. As a result of this workshop, I am extremely motivated to practice color consciousness. I would recommend this workshop to others.

Brandi Ascione

My understanding of color consciousness has deepened. As a white woman, I appreciated the candid feedback re: white culture beliefs, structure and behavior.


As always, CSWAC came through with a lot of information and TLC. I would recommend this workshop to others.

Linda Clarke

As a result of this workshop, I now feel better equipped to bring a color conscious response to [a specific] real life situation. Thank you, I hope to take the next webinar.

Angela York Crane

This was such a great workshop that I wish there were more sessions! In fact, if you ever offer a longer version, I would attend again. I found the analysis of equity vs. equality, color-evasiveness, and the elements of color consciousness very helpful in understanding how to shift some problematic dynamics at my job.

May 2023 Workshop Participant

Very inspiring content, the race game homework was quite impactful for me… Not ignoring color, but acknowledging and honoring it as part of who a person is. Ironically I felt closer to humanity through seeing our differences. 

Shelly Wilner

This workshop improved my understanding of how colorblindness serves to keep white supremacy in place. I am confident I can apply the knowledge and information from this workshop.

Christine Schmidt

Thank you for the professionalism, compassion and thoughtfulness that went into the instruction given, and the prompts for small group discussion. The presentations could be understood  by different people on different levels of consciousness at the same time, which is a complex undertaking when any teacher has such a mixed group. 

Tim Sieber

This workshop felt so intimate, I was completely engaged and impressed with the WCM team. The whole workshop felt exciting and important to me … this is real, this is change.

Michele Garner

I enjoyed the webinar. As a person of color who has studied Critical Race Theory for many years, I appreciated the focus on color-blindness. I feel it got to the heart of the reasons so-called anti-racist white people are apparently unable or unwilling to commit to dismantling the systems upholding white supremacy.

Star Smith

It was transformational for me, as it all sank in and I absorbed the differences between “I don’t see color” and “color matters-so you SHOULD and MUST see it!” And once you see it, you can’t unsee it, and THAT is the transformation!!

Maria Modica-Snow

Excellent workshop and I will refer others. I really appreciate your way of being open and empathic with participants as we take baby steps towards something you have studied and worked with very deeply.

Alan Levin

Thank you for providing a truly moving and motivating experience. I felt anxious going in, as a relative newcomer to the world of anti-racist work. You made me feel welcome, and comfortable sharing my thoughts and experiences. The homework was very doable, and I plan to read further, using the extra resources provided. I look forward to joining you again soon!

Peg Taylor

I appreciated ending on a practical note. I feel better equipped to act and speak about what the first two sessions were highlighting. I look forward to being a part of future workshops.

Erica Davis