For Organizations and Groups

Are you part of an organization, group, or institution that aspires to become anti-racist and multiracial? Below are some things we can do together, virtually or in-person. We also offer workshops and other opportunities to organizations and groups. To learn more, click here.

Training Services

Register individuals in your organization for one of our public workshops.

  • Give them and your organization a cost-effective, focused training experience.
  • We offer group discounts for 3+ participants. For rates, contact Robin Alpern.

Sponsor a workshop (virtually or in-person).

  • Bring one of our public workshops to your organization.
  • Pick the times and dates when it takes place.
  • Offer the experience to your membership.
  • Some organizations open it up to the wider community as well.

Plan and carry out a staff and/or board development day (virtually or in-person).

Best done if we:

  • Meet and learn something about your specific needs
  • Learn something how about people in your organization work together
  • Design a training experience that ties into the mission and focus of your organization.

Leading to:

  • A custom design that addresses a specific organizational need
  • At dates and times of you choosing
  • With participants of your choosing

Which lays groundwork on a shared purpose and application of the learning that takes place.

Hold an organization-wide training event (virtually or in-person).

  • Similar to a staff or board development day, but on a larger scale.
  • Training is designed with facilitated breakout groups for guided working sessions across your organization.
  • We provide multiple trainers as needed.
  • Alternatively, we train your in-house volunteers to facilitate breakout groups.

Arrange with us to do a workshop at a conference.

We are topical experts on the matter of decentering whiteness and building multiracial community. If this is something that fits with your next conference or gathering and you would like us to provide a stand-alone or concurrent workshop, please contact us.

Beyond the Training

CSWAC provides consulting services to organizations that want to move beyond standalone training scenarios. We work with organizations that aspire to become anti-racist and multiracial. To discuss how we might work together, please contact Edie Grauer, Associate Director.

Assessment Services

Let us help you develop perspective on where you are as you look at the possibility of building an anti-racist multiracial organization. We can help you:

  • Provide a reading on where people in your organization are regarding skills, knowledge, and interest in creating an anti-racist multiracial organization.
  • Identify and map out external constituencies, audiences, and mission-aligned organizations where relationships might help or hinder movement of your organization to becoming anti-racist and multiracial.
  • Critically examine both through an anti-racist lens.
  • Record and report findings
  • Formulate recommendations.

Strategy Development Services

How do you move ahead once the assessment is in? We can help you in planning for the transition. We can offer perspective on the following:

  • Folding assessment findings into your strategic plan.
  • Performing an anti-racist SWOT analysis
  • Developing goals and a timetable

In support of this work, we offer skills-development and coaching services.