We are an anti-racist, multiracial group of people who want to live in a society which has achieved racial justice and equity.

Our GOAL is..

To decenter white American culture and build an anti-racist multiracial center in the United States.

We do this by carrying out the following activities…

Studying White American Culture

Increasing public understanding about white American culture

Fostering the development of an anti-racist multiracial society

Preparing white people for participation in an anti-racist multiracial society

Nurturing the development of new generations of white anti-racist activists.

Ameliorating the toxic effects of white American culture upon people of color

We are building a pathway to the emerging anti-racist, multiracial society…

where we offer a variety of live, interactive, online workshops and events.

For Individuals

For Organizations

Upcoming Workshops

Each workshop typically occurs over three consecutive weeks on the same day of the week. Please check your availability for ALL THREE DATES when you sign up. You will be expected to attend all three sessions to complete the workshop.

Workshop Descriptions

Raising Anti-Racist
White Children

What White People
Can Do About Racism – Part 1

What White People
Can Do About Racism – Part 2

White Organizational Culture

Color Matters

Decentering Whiteness
& Building Multiracial Community

White Accountability
and Organizing