What White People Can Do About Racism – Part 1

A live, interactive online workshop that looks at how white people can work for racial justice by:

  • understanding racial structure
  • building connections and cross-racial alliances
  • finding direction to become an effective change agent
  • and building a personal support network.

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How to act against racism from a position of unearned (and unwanted) racial privilege

It’s undeniable. Racism remains a persistent problem in our society. Many white people have good intentions and want to do something about it. But what? Even if many white people are willing to forego white privilege in favor of an equal and fair society, is that enough? Or will it take something more than good intentions?

Race and racism are social conditions about which you can acquire knowledge and understanding. We all live in a racially structured society. But lived experience is, at best, a poor teacher here. What’s better? Learning at the direction of people who have studied race and racism, and who have taken action against it.

This introductory workshop offers information and content of value to white people who are new to racial justice work. It is also helpful for all people with experience working against racism, but who have not considered unique challenges white people face in racial justice work. And it will help you understand how to support other white people working against racism.

The workshop is conducted by a cross-racial team of skilled trainers, each with personal experience working in cross-racial alliances. For the new learner, it is a place where you can ask questions and make mistakes.

The workshop is Part 1 of a 2-part series. It is intended to give you some direction on how to move ahead, rather than floundering, wallowing in guilt, or retreating back into a world of denial.

The workshop will not provide a recipe or road map for ending racism. Rather it will help you lay a foundation of analysis, language, resources and partners who will support your anti-racist work.

Workshop topics

  •  the origin of white identity
  •  colorblindness
  •  cross-racial relationships
  •  white anti-racist history
  •  anti-racism and local change efforts
  •  how to be an ally (co-conspirator, accomplice, etc.)
  •  impacts of racism on white people
  •  how to develop a support network
  •  resources for further study and personal development

Who should attend

This is an introductory workshop. If you are concerned about matters of race, racism and racial justice, but unsure about where to begin, this workshop is for you. If you are already doing something about racism, and you have friends who are asking you what they can do, refer them to this workshop.

The workshop is appropriate for white people who want to learn what to do about racism. It is also a space where people of color can further their own education. All participants will learn about race, racism, anti-racism and whiteness, and join in building anti-racist multiracial community.

What people are saying…

A great six hours. You should allow yourselves to feel respected for pushing the white envelope.

Jim Edler

Felt connected with trainers and participants.

Wayne Henderson

Program was great, perfect AntiRacism 101 for those who are ready to learn. It was so good to be in the company of people who understand that we need to overcome our culture and make changes to our institutions and organizations.

Eddie Fried

Thanks for keeping things moving along…excellent content and process, right amount of info for the time.

Judy Hinds

Lots of variety. It went very fast. Openness, discussions were great.

Mary Farley

The workshop was very interactive, lots of activity and discussion which helped to keep it very interesting.

Christina Williams

This was an excellent workshop. Time very well spent. Very well prepared and thought out to keep participants involved and active through interactive dialogue…excellent handouts…lots of new data…great guidelines on how to move forward.

Peter Callaway

You took my vague feelings about antiracism and showed me how I can turn those into activism.

Betsy Tomic