Suzy Jivotovski

Suzy Jivotovski (she/they) is a musician, farmer, abolitionist and facilitator based in the mid-Hudson Valley on the rightful land of the indigenous Esopus tribe. As a teenager, Suzy was radicalized by experiences of ICE disappearing, detaining and deporting members of her faith community. She continued to develop an abolitionist and anti-racist practice through college organizing experiences with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Washington Peace Center, and the Black Lives Matter uprisings in 2014. Suzy believes that racial justice is at the core of our collective liberation. She is especially interested in supporting white people and groups who are working to develop accountability practices to BIPOC, healthy relationships to their own white identities, and to intervene in the cycles of inaction that protect the status quo. Suzy is a student of nature and a believer in the interconnectedness of all things.
Head and shoulders shot of Suzy Jivitovski. She has brown hair falling below her shoulders and is wearing oversized glasses and a blue print upper garment while standing in a wooded setting. Her shoulders and body face left and her head is turned toward the camera smiling.