Lila Cabbil, MA

Lila was born in Durham, North Carolina and raised in Detroit and had the honor of working personally with Rosa Parks as the program director in the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute, the organization founded by Mrs. Parks to honor her husband (an activist). Lila has worked in the tradition of Mrs. Parks for over 40 years, and is now President Emeritus of the Institute. She’s currently organizing celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Mrs. Parks’ birth, Feb. 4th. Lila has worked on racial justice, environmental justice and food justice for decades in Detroit, and wants to remind us that on that fateful day on the bus so long ago, Rosa Parks always corrected the story to say that she wasn’t tired, she was tired of the way she was being treated.” Lila co-edited the book Accountability and White Anti-racist Organizing: Stories from Our Work, published by CDD Books in 2010.