Courtney Epton

Courtney Epton is a White person raising White children in Brooklyn, NY. A former public school teacher, Courtney currently works as a trainer, coach, and support staff for various educational non-profits around the city.

As trainer and coach for Ramapo for Children, Courtney facilitates workshops that lay bare the dire consequences of unexamined biases and assumptions of teachers and youth workers. In diving into the racist origins and practices within our education system, we hold space for personal reflections on the roles we play, and how we can show up differently tomorrow.

Courtney is also a member of the Leadership Team at Integrated Schools, a national non-profit building a movement of caregivers working to redress the imbalance of racial and economic power in our systems of education. Through relationship building, education, self-reflection and behavior change, Integrated Schools encourages White and/or privileged families to desegregate our children, and work to dismantle White Supremacy Culture within ourselves when showing up in the schools where we enroll our children.

Prior to entering the non-profit world, Courtney taught 3rd grade at a public elementary school on the Lower East Side in NYC for 8 years, including 4 years as an ICT teacher.

headshot of Courtney Epton. She is standing against a cream-colored wall of rough texture, wearing a light pink shirt, facing the camera at a slight angle with a broad smile.