The Center for the Study of White American Culture, Inc. hosts…

Conference on Building Anti-Racist Multiracial Community

September 27-29, 2024

Rutgers Law School

Newark, NJ

Call for Workshop Proposals – due June 14, 2024.

Conference Sponsors

Community and Transactional Lawyering Clinic of Rutgers Law School

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The conference planning committee is interested in hearing from organizations and individuals who would like to take part in the conference. You can reach us at

Conference Goals:

  • Generate a vibrant, nationwide network of groups, organizations, and individuals committed to forging anti-racist multiracial, communities across the United States.
  • Create a space where cutting-edge knowledge meets practical skills on building anti-racist, multiracial communities.
  • Showcase the inspiring endeavors of various organizations and groups actively building anti-racist, multiracial community.
  • Escalate the importance of building anti-racist, multiracial community to a national priority, sparking policy discussions and engaging the public in this crucial mission.
  • Craft a new American story that underscores the urgency and necessity of building anti-racist, multiracial community in today’s America.
  • Actively foster the growth of an anti-racist, multiracial democracy in the United States.
  • Establish anti-racist, multiracial community as the standard, the norm, the heart of American society.