Call for Board Candidates 

 Are you passionate about the movement for racial justice?

Do you want to further the practice of building anti-racist multiracial community?

The Center for the Study of White American Culture (CSWAC) is seeking dynamic and committed individuals to join our Board of Directors. 

Who We Are: 

CSWAC is an anti-racist multiracial NJ-based nonprofit organization dedicated to building an equitable society in the United States by decentering white culture and centering an anti-racist, multiracial culture free of white supremacy. We aspire to lead this nation in decentering whiteness and creating an inclusive, anti-racist multiracial society, and we believe in the power of community education, involvement, and organizing to drive change. Toward this end we educate the public through advocacy, publishing, convening gatherings, training, research, and online programming. 

 Board Member Expectations: 

As a board member, you will play a crucial role in the governance and strategic direction of our organization. Key responsibilities include: 

  • Engaging in learning about CSWAC’s approach, strategy, mission, and operation.  
  • Attending and actively participating in monthly virtual board meetings. Currently we meet every 2nd Friday of the month from 4pm to 5:30pm Eastern Time. 
  • Working on board-appointed committees (expectation: 3 hours per month). 
  • Strategic planning and oversight of the organization’s financial health. 
  • Engaging in fundraising and advocacy efforts (expectation: give or get donations). 
  • Acting as an ambassador for CSWAC, interfacing with other organizations. 
  • Committing to a term of 3 years, with the possibility of renewal. 
  • Working collaboratively with other board members and staff.  


  • Commitment to the organization’s mission and values, and a passion for CSWAC’s work. 
  • Strategic thinking and ability to contribute to overall organizational development. 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • Experience in any of the following: Fundraising and Development, Finance and Accounting, Legal and Governance, Strategic Planning, Grant Making and Grant Writing, Human Resources, Insurance and Risk Management. 
  • An interest in advancing the mission of CSWAC through governance and leadership. 

 Benefits of Serving on Our Board: 

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Serve a cause you are passionate about. 
  • Shape the future of our nation by paving the way to building anti-racist multiracial community. 
  • Develop and refine skills in a different setting, enhancing your portfolio. 
  • Network with other professionals who share your values, and with activists and organizers who are doing on-the-ground work. 
  • Support the development of new ideas, perspectives, and leading-edge strategies. 
  • Enhance your resume. 
  • Reflect on your values, challenge yourself, and grow in empathy and understanding of our work, and cultivate relationships with other folks “doing the work.” 
  • Develop and enhance leadership, governance, and decision-making skills in the nonprofit sector. 
  • Contribute to the greater good and making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates are invited to: 

  1. Submit a resume/CV and a cover letter expressing your interest and qualifications for the role to by June 30, 2024.
  2. Complete the application for board membership by June 30, 2024.

 We look forward to your application and the possibility of you joining our dedicated team of board members.